From Denmark to Australia

From Denmark to Australia - A Playground's Journey

February 7, 2018

The world is our playground - and our playgrounds travel the world. At least that is the case with the new playground at O'Connell St. Public School in Australia.

For the children at O’Connell St. Public school in Australia, break times now equals fun games and alternative learning. In every corner of the schoolyard, brightly coloured DecoMark® lines, numbers and figures in various shapes and sizes decorate the previously dark and dull concrete and mark a path full of play and creativity. Behind this project is a successful cooperation between Geveko Markings and our local Australian client @Play, who are a part of The Gardenmakers Pty Ltd.

Prior to the stunning end result at O’Connell St. Public School, the playground games have been on quite a journey. They were produced at Geveko Markings’ production facilities in Longelse, Denmark. After a trip half way around the world, they arrived safely in Sidney Harbour on 22 October 2017. They were installed at the school during November and December 2017 by @Play.

Situated a couple of hundred kilometres from Sidney on Australia’s east coast, O'Connell St. Public School is part of a small rural community. They take great pride in offering a “supportive, enjoyable and stimulating environment” for their pupils – and their new playground is a great example of just that.

The DecoMark® games creates focused areas with stimulating games and activities. This not only encourages the pupils to play and learn in a fun and alternative way, it also has a positive influence on social interaction.

All in all, this playground is a perfect example of how DecoMark® thermoplastic playground markings can brighten up any school or corporate environment.  Whether the markings are ready-made or custom designed they undoubtedly provide a flexible and colourful solution.

Interested in learning more? Contact Geveko Markings to hear more about the many possibilities with DecoMark® preformed thermoplastic.