Durable combined pedestrian and bicycle crossing in Italy

Combined pedestrian and bicycle crossing in Italy

July 13, 2017

Durable and eye-catching pedestrian and bicycle crossing made of PREMARK®.

Back in 2012, a combined pedestrian and bicycle crossing was applied in the roundabout at Via Giovanni Boccaccio/Via Jacopo Corrado in Padua, Italy. The zebra crossing with special bicycle lane was applied as in a special way in which a stone shaped template is pressed into the asphalt to give the exclusive stone surface look. On top of the asphalt, PREMARK® preformed thermoplastic road marking was applied to give the sharp red colour look so the drivers become more aware of the pedestrians and bikers crossing the road. Moreover, white preformed thermoplastic lines and bicycle symbols, where used to clearly mark and separate the pedestrian walkway and the bicycle lane. You can even see the marking onGoogle Maps.

The application where done in three steps while the road was still open for traffic. There was no need to close the road of completely. This is one the advantages of using preformed thermoplastic markings for city markings. 

five years after, the colourful zebra crossing and bicycle crossing still guides drivers, pedestrians and bikers in the busy roundabout in Padua. The markings are a bit worn from the heavy traffic, and the colours are not as bright as they were right after application - but the pedestrian crossing still lives up to its purpose.

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