DecoMark™ in Springburn Park

DecoMark™ brightens up the paths to Scottish attraction

15 July 2019

Thanks to DecoMark, a previously dark and dull asphalt footpath leading to Springburn Park in Glasgow has been transformed to a brightly coloured area leading the visitors on their way.

Sometimes a bit of creativity goes a long way - and the recently refurbished footpath leading up to the Glasgow attraction, Springburn Park is a great example of just that.

As part of a larger restoration of the Winter Gardens Glasshouse in Springburn Park, one of the footpaths leading to the park itself has been decorated in strikingly coloured DecoMark markings. The previously rusty rails and moss-covered asphalt has been revamped with a splash of bright colours and creatively shaped decorative markings. The markings designed in the shape of leaves and small patterns are scattered strategically over the footpath and helps welcome the visitors to the park and lead them on their way. 

The project of enhancing the pathways was initiated by Friends of the Springburn Winter Gardens Trust. Preformed Markings Ltd got involved in the project as they were approached by one of the artists behind in the project, Bespoke Atelier. The local design studio had been in contact with one of our former customers who recommended Decomark for this type of project. Following agreement on the design, the project was finally completed by Uniplay in the beginning of April 2019.

The revamp of the footpath was just a small part of a much larger project, where the ultimate goal is the restoration of the Grade A listed Winter Gardens Glasshouse, which is recognised as being of special architectural and historic interest and placed in the beautiful surroundings of the popular Springburn Park.

Feedback from all parties involved in the project has been very good and goes to show that when it comes to decorative markings, you are limited only by your imagination. If you are interested in learning more about the possibilities with Decomark markings, don’t hesitate to contact your local Geveko Markings expert.