DecoMark® in Nantes, France

Playground for children with special needs in Nantes, France

September 05, 2016

Game facilities designed and adapted

Children with special needs will now be able to enjoy game facilities designed and adapted for them, after Mobiplay builded a specific playground for children with special needs within the dedicated care center ESEAN-ISSE in Nantes, France. The playground is shared by both ESEAN (Etablissement de Santé pour Enfants et Adolescents de la région Nantaise) and ISSE (Institut Spécialisé Soin Eveil).

An amortizing ground made by Mobiplay around the sea and aquatic world theme, as well as a sensorial path have been designed and imagined together with the nursing team and occupational therapists: 

TheDecoMark®decorative logo is a preformed thermoplastic marking applied on the 26th of July. The alternative children playing sign was made by our designers based on instructions and a sketch provided by the customer.

We are giving warm thanks to Mobiplay and ESEAN-ISSE for assigning us this realization.