DecoMark® in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona city map in DecoMark®

January 14, 2015

DecoMark® preformed thermoplastic city map of Barcelona is now guiding tourist and visitors.

Now, tourists and visitors in Barcelona can find their way around by using the Barcelona city map in DecoMark®. The main streets and main attractions are showed on the city map in colourful preformed thermoplastic. Here, you will find pictures right after application, but also how the Barcelona city map looks after 3 years.

Together with DILART, Geveko Markings has made and applied the 17,9 x 13,4 meters large Barcelona city map. 9 different colours have been used to visualize the city of Barcelona. 

The detailed and complex city map is made in DecoMark® preformed thermoplastic ; a durable and anti slippery material with endless possibilities of colourful and creative designs. DecoMark® is often used as also playground markings, company logos, art and other decorative markings, but is also ideal for custom projects like this.

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