Creative Croydon Crossings

Creative Croydon Crossings

May 15, 2018

A wide range of colourful shared spaces and crossings made of DecoMark® brightens up the city of Croydon

Forget the straight white lines that are traditionally associated with pedestrian crossings. In Croydon in the Southern part of London, you are met with strikingly bold colours and geometric shapes when you cross the road.

The creative take on the traditional road marking design is a testament to the many possibilities provided by DecoMark®. The preformed thermoplastic material can be produced in creative, bespoke designs to fit every need. Colourful pedestrian crossings can help highlight the road crossings and thus keep both drivers and pedestrians alert. The environmentally friendly and skid-resistant material makes it is safe to work with and walk on.

In the video below, you can enjoy an aerial view of the colourful crossings and shared spaces in Croydon which have been applied by our client, THB, who is one of UK’s leading road marking contractors. The video showcases the eye-catching end result and also offers a unique look into process behind the application.

The complex designs are easy to apply with our DecoMark® EasySystem. The designs are produced in sheets which are then fitted together like a simple puzzle. Finally, the material is heated to make it bond with the surface. The result is striking, brightly coloured road markings that will light up the everyday lives of the Croydon citizens and catch the eye of everyone visiting.

Contact Geveko Markings if you want to know more about DecoMark® and how you can use it in your next surface marking project.