ViaTherm™ Viking application

Conquer the roads with ViaTherm™ Viking

With ViaTherm™ Viking, the application window for bulk thermoplastic is increased and the application season is prolonged

Cold weather and damp roads are usually not a good foundation for a road marking application. But with Viatherm Viking you can expand your marking season.

The material is specially developed for application during early spring and late fall, when the roads can be moist in many regions.

Our customer AVS Latvija Ltd provides a good example. Road Marking Department Manager, Juris Vucans says: “... in the autumn months, when the air temperature is from 5 to 10 degrees - we put (it on) without any problems.” And concludes: “The material is good.”

And we have to agree that the result sure looks good in these pictures! Here you see ViaTherm Viking material applied in 7 degrees temperature and on slightly damp asphalt.

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