Decorative spaces

Colourful basket court in Billund

This creative application made with a combination of PlastiRoute™ Rollplast and PREMARK™ transformed a dull area into a vibrant and playful space for children.

… And just like that, waiting to get picked up after your sports activities got a lot more fun! Waiting time often feel like wasted time, but not if you’re outside the sports centre in Billund, Denmark. Thanks to creative minds, competent applicators and quality markings, this basket court was transformed into quite the colour ‘explosion’. The brightly-coloured court was applied by our customers, PEAB, and will undoubtedly become the foundation for hours of basket, roller-skating and many other playful activities.

The colourful surfacing is made with our PlastiRoute Rollplast, which is a rollable area-coating with very strong anti-slip properties that creates a safe non-slip surface. Thanks to high-quality pigments, the application colour remains constant and ensures that the marking retains its visual properties over time making it ideal for a project like this.  

To finish it all off, the basket court was completed with the addition of PREMARK lines. The two products are designed to bind well with each other without the use of a primer and PREMARK could therefore easily be applied on top of the PlastiRoute Rollplast surface with just the use of a heat torch.

The creative basket court is part of a bigger project by the municipality of Billund and CoC Playful Minds, which aims at creating child-friendly path systems and waiting areas for the area school kids.

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