Charity of DecoMark® to Leuchars Primary school

Charity of DecoMark® to Leuchars Primary school

November 10, 2017

Overjoyed children can now play on DecoMark® markings during the schoolbreak

Leuchars Primary school is located on the East Coast of Scotland, 10 miles south of Dundee and near to the famous St Andrews Golf Course. The school is attended by approximately 300 children from the surrounding village and to support the local military.

Over 10 years ago, the school applied for grant aid, to provide some playground. The application for the grant was declined, and the school attempted to raise the money themselves, but every time they had some funds set aside, the finances for the school were reduced, and the money had to be used to support normal day to day operations.

Craig Cummings, a pupil of the school in the 1970’s, a parent, whose children have attended the school recently, took the initiative to contact suppliers to ask for help. Preformed Markings was happy to help by way of some DecoMark® markings.

Craig is the Guest Services Relationship Manager at Overgate Shopping Centre in Dundee. He arranged for lunch to be delivered to us, for refreshments to be provided by the school and any other help he could offer. 

The installation of the DecoMark® markings were completed in two and a half days, by Ray Stace and Andrew Price from Preformed Markings, and Jamie Cochran from Colas Ltd.  

The school and the children were overjoyed with the DecoMark® markings.


The result was that famous, that even the press and STV (Scottish TV) attended the site to take some images/video and to have it aired on national news programme.

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