Chalk is not needed anymore

Chalk is not needed anymore

September 11, 2017


Even decoration of asphalt is friendly in the new residential complex “Green City” built by Severny Gorod in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Together with Severny Gorod, one of the leading construction companies in Saint-Petersburg, Geveko Markings Russia has created an original playground for children’s fun and active learning in the pedestrian zone of the courtyard in the residential complex “Green City”.

Now, it is easy and inspiring to learn alphabet and numbers in a game form. The 12 different playground games will help kids living in the “Green City” with active learning of numbers and letters. The ideas of the various playground games came from our customer. Those creative ideas ended out in several hopscotch games, applied snail, caterpillar and few snakes with letters and digits, as well as dartboard for accuracy training, a labyrinth and a clock image. There is also a big trekking court for young car racers, roller skaters and cyclists.

All colorful inspiring horizontal markings were made of preformed thermoplastic DecoMark®. The long durability, excellent visibility and good skid-resistance will make the kids play happily for a long time. The color pigments of DecoMark® are organic and other components of the thermoplastic material do not give off environmentally harmful substances. Hence the material reduces the risk of skin problems and allergic reactions.

Our playgrounds markings will remain in good condition not just for one or two years - even in 5 years, when current children will go to high school, their younger brothers and sisters will still play in the courtyard of the Green City”.

This is first time when Geveko Markings Russia has carried out such a large decorative project in Russia. All twelve playground markings with different colours and sizes were made of preformed thermoplastic DecoMark® at the production site in Saint-Petersburg.

Since the first day this playground area has become popular with the children of the “Green City”.


Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more about creative horizontal decorative markings.