PREMARK® crossing in Dubai

Behind-the-scenes at Dubai’s 3D markings

Remember the 3D markings in Dubai? Now let’s take a more behind-the-scenes look at how they were actually made.  

In late January, Service Technician Johan Musak from Denmark travelled to Dubai in order to help lay out the PREMARK™ material. Here he met up with the team from TST Road Marking LLC, who we worked with on this test application.

The entire application team went out to look at the location during the day. Here they could verify that the old marking had been sandblasted beforehand. There used to be a more traditional pedestrian crossing at the site, but the RTA (Roads & Transport Authority) in Dubai wanted to test these more eye-catching markings that are known to be able to warn drivers more efficiently to slow down when they reach a crossing.

Dubai is actually one of the fastest growing cities in the world today, making high quality infrastructure facilities absolutely imperative. This is something that is highly prioritised by the government in Dubai and as a result, the RTA works to improve the public transport facilities and develop roads across the entire emirate to make travel safer and smoother.[1]

These PREMARK test markings are a great example of exactly this. They are situated right across the RTA headquarters and also very close to a school area where many children naturally cross the road.

In order to avoid too much traffic, the actual application was done at night. The first crossing took about four hours to complete, while the second went quite a bit faster with only two and a half hours. This goes to show that with a good introduction and competent training, application of the PREMARK material is both fast and easy once you get the gist of it.

About 10 officials from the RTA was there to oversee the application which was followed with great interest. The immediate reactions to the 3D crossing have been very positive, and if everything goes well, this will only be the beginning of many more 3D crossings in the “City of Gold” as Dubai is often nicknamed.