DecoMark® playground

A Russian DecoMark® playground revisited

July 23, 2018

Time for a revisit! Here is a look at a kindergarten playground in Saint-Peterburg two years down the line

Almost two years ago, the Russian division of Geveko Markings created a unique and colorful playground in Kindergarten № 121 located in Saint-Petersburg. You can read the original news post here.

Recently, we revisited the kindergarten to see how the markings are holding up. In the picture slides you can see how well the markings are preserved after two years of child’s play.

All the colorful markings were made of preformed thermoplastic DecoMark®, which is characterized by its long durability, high skid resistance plus the fact that they are completely environment friendly. This ensures that children can play safely on the playground for years – just as have done here in Saint-Petersburg.

DecoMark® markings are easy to apply and makes it possible to transform black and boring asphalt areas into informative and decorative zones where children can be active, learn and play at the same time. The kindergarten № 121 in Saint-Petersburg is a good example of how traditional children's games, decorative signs, symbols and images can make time spent on the playground both fun and memorable for the children.

Contact Geveko Markings if you want to know more about our creative and decorative markings. We can manufacture all types of playground markings and other decorative elements - it is all up to your imagination! If you share your ideas with us, we will make sure to find the best solution for the decoration of your private or public areas.