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Geveko Markings - Marking the future with you

Geveko Markings is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a full range of materials for road markings and horizontal decoration applications. Our business concept is to develop and provide quality marking products that contribute to increased road safety; informing and guiding road users and decorate creative horizontal surfaces. Moreover, Geveko Markings adds value through close cooperation and strong partnership with customers, specifiers and authorities. Products are designed to offer customers faster, easier, safer, and more qualitative and durable markings solutions.

Geveko Markings was founded in 1924 and has produced road markings material since 1946. Hence, Geveko Markings has a long history in the road marking industry, and over the years we have gained knowledge and expertise about horizontal markings.

Marking roads and horizontal surfaces

The product range of Geveko Markings consists of the full range of materials for marking roads and other horizontal surfaces. AquaRoute® – water based paint, HSRoute® – solvent based paint, ViaTherm® – thermoplastic material, PREMARK® – prefabricated thermoplastic, DecoMark® – colourful and creative markings, TacPad® and TacGuide® - tactile markings and PlastiRoute® – cold plast/two-component/ three-component are marking the future!

Specialists in horizontal markings

Geveko Markings has sales offices in +20 countries around the world. The horizontal marking specialists are based in Europe, New Zealand, USA and Middle East, but through resellers, contractors and local authorities the marking products of Geveko Markings are used in +80 countries around the world.

Flexibility and capacity in the production

Our products are produced in 9 different countries depending on which type of product and where the product is used. In order to be able to serve our customers need during the marking season; we offer delivery flexibility and capacity. Supported by efficiency, productivity and constant research and development of existing and new products, we are able to meet the demands of the market.


We at Geveko Markings constantly work on improving

"Geveko Markings has a long history in the road marking industry, and over the years we have gained knowledge and expertise about horizontal markings."

R&D of products for horizontal markings

Research and development of products for horizontal markings within Geveko Markings is a combination of skilled employees, hours of work in the laboratories, modern production facilities and practical road trials! Watching the market trends, listening to our clients and a wish for constantly improvement drive the research and development of Geveko Markings.

Product management within Geveko Markings is split into preformed materials, thermoplastic materials and liquid products. The team works in close cooperation with both external and internal customers. The work contains the whole value chain of horizontal markings, from cooperation with various vendors of raw materials, to the latest technology in application of the markings. Our customers are looking for a solution with specified performance, and we do our outmost to secure that our products and solutions fulfill these expectations. With a network in whole Europe, the team are involved in relevant standards for road marking materials.

Laboratory work with raw materials

In the laboratories, Geveko Markings test and control the various raw materials, and combine them in the most suitable version of either paint, thermoplastic or two component in order to meet the requirements and fulfill the purpose of the marking. Our various laboratories are equipped with instruments to monitor specified requirements as well as we are equipped to monitor performance on the road.

Road trials in product development

A lot of preparation and work can be done in the laboratories, but it is on the road and other surfaces that the products shall work and live up to the expectations of our clients! Therefore, practical road test and road trials is a key factor in developing our existing product portfolio further and invent new products for horizontal markings. The road trials give us knowledge about durability of the markings, adhesion to the surface, friction, anti-skid resistance, UV resistance, dirt resistance, impact of weather and climate, day visibility and night visibility under both wet and dry conditions.

Developing application techniques

As a natural part of working with material for road markings and horizontal markings, Geveko Markings also works on developing new application techniques and improving the actual application process of the various types of materials for marking the surface.

They are our most important resource

That is why it is important to us that our employees feel comfortable with us. The success of Geveko Markings depends on the motivation of our employees.