UCme® drop-on glass beads and anti-skid for road marking

glass beads for visibility and anti-skid for skid resistance

UCme® is drop-on glass beads and anti-skid material for road markings, line markings and other horizontal markings. UCme® is delivered together with our road marking material making sure that the marking systems live up to the performance criterias and demands.

UCme® drop-on is available in different versions for various standards, with different sizes of glass beads, different surface treatment of the glass beads and various mixtures of anti-skid material. Initial visibility or skid resistance of your road markings is reached with UCme®

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Drop-on material close up
glass beads UCme
Application of UCme glass beads
line marking with drop-on
Drop-on material on road markings
glass beads as drop-on
Ensuring quality of UCme drop-on
UCme drop-on quality controle
Drop-on material for road markings
drop-on glass beads
Road marking glass beads
glass beads for road markings