Geveko - Marking the future!

Marking roads with thermoplastic material from Geveko.

Geveko Markings is combining the sales forces in PLASTIROUTE, Cleanosol and LKF, and we want to strengthen our position in the European market for horizontal markings further. Geveko (founded 1924), PLASTIROUTE (founded 1956), Cleanosol (founded 1948) and LKF (founded 1963) have a long history in the road marking industry, and over the years we have gained knowledge and expertise about horizontal markings.

Marking roads and horizontal surfaces

The product range of Geveko Markings consists of the full range of materials for marking roads and other horizontal surfaces. AquaRoute® – water based paint, HSRoute® – solvent based paint, ViaTherm® – thermoplastic material, PREMARK® – prefabricated thermoplastic, DecoMark® – colourful and creative markings, TacPad® and TacGuide® - tactile markings and PlastiRoute® – cold plast/2 component/ 3 component are marking the future! 

So contact us for help with your marking project, and we will guide you in your choice of material

Specialists in horizontal markings

Geveko Markings has own sales people in 19 countries around the world. The horizontal marking specialists are primarily based in Europe, but through resellers, contractors and local authorities the marking products of Geveko Markings are used around the world.   

Flexibility and capacity in the production

The products are produced in 5 different countries in Europe depending on which type of product and where the product is used. In order to be able to serve our customers need during the marking season; we need delivery flexibility and capacity. Supported by efficiency, productivity and constant research and development of existing and new products, we are able to meet the demands of the market.