LED-Mark show the way

Cycle path with LED-Mark at dusk in Denmark

Sometimes normal methods for road marking will not be sufficient, often because of insufficient lighting. Dark highways and roads, dangerous curves, unlit cycle paths, unlit roundabouts, pedestrian crossings are all places that could benefit with LED-mark as a supplementary marking where special risks are likely to occur. 

LED-Mark is a durable solar powered LED marking for use in high-risk locations, or for CO2 neutral guiding lights on cycle paths. The design is robust and simple, the light turns on automatically when daylight fades and recharges again during the day.

The LED-Mark is ultra-thin and self-charging with solar cells and extremely durable batteries with enough power to give light for up to 4000 hours without charging. The LED-Mark road studs do not affect the traffic and are designed to cope with tough conditions such as snow ploughs or other vehicles used for road maintenance.

Cost-effective safety

The LED-Mark system is extremely cost-effective. The initial costs are approx. 1/10 of cabled technologies and the operating costs are approx. 1/3. The installation is easy and is carried out with glue. It does not require drilling or other fastening devices. It is also possible to install LED-Mark on wood with screws.

LED-Mark have just been installed on the dangerous stretch on B303 Germany. Watch the movie below and see for yourself how LED-Mark works.

Watch the movie below and see for yourself how LED-Mark works.