Welcome to Geveko-Markings.com

We know you were looking for information at the old websites www.geveko.se or www.geveko.com, but we are happy to welcome you here at geveko-markings.com!

Summer 2015, Solix Group became the new owner of Geveko. With the change in ownership we are able to realize the strategic targets, strengthen the organization and increase the focus on developing products and product sales. This gives us the opportunity to hold our strong position on the market. 

Geveko Markings is production, sales and development of marking materials, which means that Nordic Contracting are divested. Now, the organization of Geveko Markings consists of an increasing number of sales people in various countries, and the production and development sites Geveko Markings Sweden AB (former Cleanosol AB), Geveko Markings Norway AS (former Cleanosol AS), Plastiroute GmbH in Germany and LKF Materials A/S in Denmark. 

With the increased focus on suppliying marking materials, Geveko Markings can develope and produce the right products and services for our clients, and hence serve their needs. The people behind will be the same, but under a new and better name and umbrella.

With the organisational changes, we have also focused our webpresence at www.geveko-markings.com. We hope that you can find, what you were looking for - othervise you are welcome to contact us by requesting information or calling us at +45 63 51 71 71